The formation of informative communicative technologies of future teachers of mathematics during professional training

  • Володимир Прошкін
  • Оксана Глушак


The analysis of competences that should be formed in the future teachers by the tools of modern information and communications technologies is presented by the authors. It is been determined that generic (core) competences include: informatics, informational, organizational and methodological competences. It is established that under the ICT competence of future mathematics teachers they understand their ability to search, process and analyze necessary information for solving educational, scientific and professional tasks from different sources, observing ethical and legal norms. The skills of using informative and communicative, and also computer technologies as a tool for acquiring knowledge and skills, tasks and personal results have been given. The program of electronic study course to support the realization of above-mentioned task is presented. The purpose of the program is to create a modern level of informational and computer culture, acquiring practical skills of application information technologies by teachers  in order to increase the efficiency of the educational process; students and their preparation for the pedagogically effective use of information technology training in further professional activities. The content of the program modules has been given. Module 1. Network technologies in math, module 2. Office technologies in math, module 3. Multimedia technologies. The author clarifies that in each specified group he pointed to the educational web resources that are the most frequently used in prospective teachers’ professional training but generally, their number is much higher. In addition, each of the named species is characterized by complex purpose and its using in the process of professional training of the teachers is not limited only by classroom, extracurricular or academic activities of the students. The author considers that this classification and methods of using educational Web resources in the educational process higher school, which are briefly characterized in the article, will produce a positive impact on the implementation of information and communication, including networking, technologies into the practice of prospective teachers’ professional training in the conditions of informatization of modern pedagogical universities educational environment.
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