• Антоніна Болдова National University of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine


In article a generalization of the theoretical foundations of humanitarian components of economic development is carried out, in particular, the described processes in Ukraine are considered. It was revealed that humanitarian components in their totality create the humanitarian economy of the country and, accordingly, the main categorical apparatus on the subject is given. The state of the declared problems in the modern scientific literature is studied the actual directions of further scientific researches in this sphere are analyzed and revealed. The article also outlines the main provisions for the training of specialists for activities in the conditions of the development of the humanitarian economy, the requirements for the implementation of this process are highlighted, and a number of objective needs are provided that will provide a positive result of the pedagogical work. The emphasis is placed on the necessity of development of intellectual investments, their role and importance for the country and society, anticipated social effect of this kind of investment and advantages of its implementation. Attention is paid to some aspects of international experience in intellectual investment. It also describes the special conditions of professional activity and professional tasks that are aimed at implementing the humanities economy of a young specialist in the workplace. The main indicators that determine the need for such specialists to work in the conditions of the humanities economy in Ukraine are revealed. According to the results of the study, conclusions and generalizations were made on the topic. It is revealed that the main task of further work in training specialists to professional activities in the humanitarian economy is to strengthen the search for modern and innovative areas of work to improve the forms and content of the training of specialists who could operate in a humanitarian economy to ensure the social effect. Attention is also drawn to the humanitarian economy as a holistic system, but the necessity of studying each humanitarian component as an individual is emphasized.
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