• Татьяна Каменева International Research and Training Center of Informational Technologies


The didactic system of e-learning is based on the use of innovative educational technologies that are adequate to the goals and conditions of the pedagogical process. These technologies integrate different methods, tools and forms of learning which give to the educational a qualitatively new level. The article highlights the key aspects of electronic educational environment. The didactic potential of the methods and tools, applied in pedagogical practice in the different formats of e-learning, is investigated. The range of e-learning methods includes the following: multimedia lectures of teachers and multimedia presentations of students, electronic testing, method electronic portfolio of student, electronic case, telecommunication projects, business computer games, problem discussions. The article describes the possible structures of pedagogical interaction of the educational process participants. The possibilities of using offline and online tools and resources that allow organizing individual and group methods during the educational process are analyzed. These tools are the structural components of e-learning didactic support system, where each component has specific functions and didactic tasks.
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