• Вікторія Божкова


The key elements of the educational activity methodology are investigated in the article. The methodology of economic disciplines teaching is proposed to be understood as the set of pedagogical, methodical and subject goals, tasks, principles, approaches, techniques, tools, forms, models, methods and technologies used in the educational process with the purpose of necessary economic knowledge mastering. It is noted that pedagogical, methodical and subject goals of the educational process are formed taking into account the target set, defined by the standards of education, the available methodological support, the potential of the teaching staff as well as the personal qualities of the participants of the educational process. The principles of the educational activity, which formulate specific requirements to the educational process and the tools used being of great importance while planning and organizing as well as teaching methods defining are outlined. Traditional and innovative models used in the educational process to acquire necessary economic knowledge are analysed. The quantitative majority of the latter, as well as far greater opportunities for individual development of a personality, which they provide, are noted. The basic methods of training are systematized according to the traits distinguished by scientists (by the source of transfer and perception of educational information; by the logic of transfer and perception of educational information; by the degree of independent thinking in the process of knowledge mastering and skills formation; by the degree of  educational work management; depending on the main didactic goals and objectives; in terms of a holistic approach to learning activities; by the level of  teaching methods combination). The advanced classification of teaching methods allows them to be more carefully selected according to the content of professional education, to plan and organize various types of classes, using the most effective methods of teaching and development of students.
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